Water Slide Game For Kids

All day familly fun !

Awesome Water Slide For Kids

The highlight of our venue, our huge water slide game for kids, along with with all safety features and trained stuff, ensures an all day fun experience for kids,  while parents can enjoy and relax by the sea and pool carefree !

A kids menu along with a wide selection of snacks, icecreams and full lunch menu is offered on demand for all familly.

We offer options to book for kids parties from 10 to 100 people.


reserve for kids parties!

Frequently asked questions

most popular questions

Currently the price for an all day pass is 5 Euros per kid.

We allow the use of our water slide game for kids between 4 to 15 years old.

Our trained personnel and all safety features of our water slide game guaranties your kids safety at all times while they are in the game.

If you like your pool water on the cold side or on the hot side, you may wonder if there’s anything wrong with swimming in temperatures that some of your friends find to be a bit unusual. We tend to think that our comfort is the only factor in choosing the temperature. Everybody has their own “ideal” pool temperature.

No running! It is way too easy for kids (and adults!) to slip and injure themselves. Or worse, fall into the pool and injure themselves. No diving! Without an experienced lifeguard on staff, it can be very dangerous to dive into a shared pool. It may be dangerous for other swimmers.